History of our building

Arch View cafe is situated inside the historic Old Ballarat Golf club.

The Ballarat Golf Club was founded on Thursday 11 April 1895.

Play commenced on an eleven-hole course on 24 May 1895

From 8 June 1895 it became a nine- hole course.

In 1909 the nine-hole course was changed into a full 18-hole course.

In the new century local Ballarat firm Roadcon proposed an exciting development.

It offered to purchase the eastern part of the course in return for creating a new quality championship course on the western portion of the old course and on former common land to the north.

As a result in 2008 land titles were swapped and a new Championship Course was constructed.

By 2015 more than 400 new homes have been built on the old course land. Developers ‘Integra’ have landscaped the area attractively with waterways and walking tracks.

Arch View cafe is located in the old clubhouse.  The cafe is located in what was the male change rooms

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