The Avenue of Honour began in May 1917 to honour the brave service men and women from Ballarat that enlisted their services in the First Australian Imperial Forces for World War One.

The first planting took place on 4 June 1917 and comprised of 1,000 trees.

Two years later, the final planting took place on the 16 August 1919. A total of 3,771 trees now extend over a distance of approximately 22 kilometres along the Ballarat- Burrumbeet Road

The total cost of the Avenue was a little over £2,000, which was met by the proceeds from various fund raising activities.

Having completed the Avenue of Honour, work commenced on a suitable grand entry – the Arch of Victory –, which was officially opened by the Prince of Wales on 3rd June 1920.

The Arch underwent major restoration works in 2011.